Meet Melisa C.

:"I highly recommend Jen as a trainer!

When I began my journey, I was timid and frankly intimidated by the gym atmosphere. I wasn’t confident nor knew what to do, so I was always in the corner doing cardio. Working with Jen, I found my self confidence & motivation to continue learning. Her energy is contagious & I looked forward to each session. She pushed me & helped me realize I Can do this! She taught me the importance about technique & the variety of workouts I can do, as well. I was never bored lol! But most importantly for me, she helped me find the inner strength I forgot I had to continue this journey I’m on. Thank you Jen!!"


Meet my client Sandy

"Hello, I’m Sandy and I began working with Jennifer, October 22, 2019. I’ve had unbelievable results with only two months of her “let’s build” workout and meal plan. My goal was to grow my glutes, legs, and shoulders and so far, the results show exactly that. My glutes are rounding up nicely, my legs are more defined, and my shoulders are finally popping out. I can’t emphasize how dramatic these changes are.

I started my fitness journey in August 2018 and I was able to lose weight but I could not build muscle the way I wanted to. I was one of those people who workout daily, emphasized on glutes, ate reasonably well, and looked good. But, I could not build muscle and that’s when I realized I need help. A year later of my fitness journey and I decided to reached out to Jennifer and the results couldn’t make me happier. I wish I would’ve reached out sooner than trying to do it on my own but here I am now building muscle.

Once I started Jennifer’s program I quickly started seeing changes. Her meal plan and workouts were different than what I was doing. She provided me with the tools to reach for my goals and to overall feel more confident at the gym. She is a woman who knows exactly what she is doing and has an abundance of knowledge and experience in this field. Jennifer is always there to help and responds quickly to any questions or concerns. Also, I definitely need to mention how super sweet she is! If you want to see changes, reach out for the help, save yourself time, and you’ll get to where you want to be.
Jennifer is a person you can trust, she will help you reach exactly what you are aiming for, she is the real deal!"

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Meet Marisa M.

"A few years ago, it dawned on me that I needed to take better care of myself, mentally, spiritually, and physically. So, I signed up for a gym membership. The person signing me up is one the more typical gym buffs you’d see in the gym, totally intimidating but generally trying to be helpful. With the sign up I got one free personal training session, with totally intimidating gym guy. I had my session, and he showed me equipment, how to use it, the outdoor area, and gave me a few pointers. Now I am on my own. So, to lose weight you need to diet and exercise, right? No problem, except it occurred to me I didn’t know how to diet right. I didn’t know how to make sure I was getting enough protein, not too many carbs, and what is good fat???  I decided the best thing I could do was hire a person to guide me and lead me on this newfound journey, also to help keep me reliable. I spoke with the Personal trainer department, and explained my concerns, my goals, but mostly how I would like to work with someone that would understand my needs and my body. So please don’t recommend a guy who has never carried a baby in his body, let alone bloats like clockwork. He says don’t worry I have the perfect person for you. Skeptical, I was signed up with Jennifer Macias.

We communicated via text before I met her, and she told me what to expect our first session, and what I can do to prepare. Excited for our first meet, I was early, warmed up and stretched. In walks Jennifer with the warmest smile on her face and so incredibly sweet. Not at all what I was expecting. We started with measurements, and then straight to exercising. During the session we discussed my goals, my concerns, and then what and how I should be eating. Over my sessions with me she taught me how to count macros (I didn’t even know what macros were before), showed me techniques for each exercise we were doing and how to fully maximize it. We’d giggle when my thighs were burning so much that I literally could not lift them. She also showed me different techniques with stretching for the super sore leg days. Also, as a mom, she understands when I needed to cancel/reschedule last minute due to a family emergency, regardless of how big or small. I was able to text her on our off days if I had questions, and even after our sessions came to an end, she would still answer any questions I had regarding food, exercise, or just really anything.

 Throughout the time I worked with her I lost weight, I lost inches, I built muscle, and I did things I never thought was possible, but mostly I gained confidence in myself and my ability.  She taught me how to diet and exercise.  She has truly inspired something great in me. Thanks to her training and teachings I was able to continue working out, eating right, and watching my body change in ways I never thought was possible. I am forever grateful in her knowledge in all aspects of personal training. "